The Currency HeatwaveX Platform

Real-time financial information.

About Us

FXLabsplus Technologies LLC provides Currency HeatwaveX as a financial analytics tool and data services platform for online currency traders. This unique dashboard captures the fast moving currency moves and presents them in a simplified and graphical manner for successful trading.

All the key aspects of day trading are covered in this version with explanation.

The tool tips(?s) are added with each frame to help the trader understand every trading tool.

In addition, there is a downloadable manual in the settings and a quick tutorial video to help understand and utilize the Dashboard to its maximum efficiency.


Yes all the data in the website is real time except for historical strength/weakness data.

The flickering orange dot indicates the recent most bar in the historical.

There is a slight difference due to the inclusion of BTC and Gold in the strength meter.

There is a 7 days free trial for traders to test and use all the components of the dashboard. We don't support refund after the 7 days free trial period unless it is a technical issue within the website. This technical issue needs to be screen grabbed and video recorded as a proof and sent to our technicians.

We get asked if we offer a one-time purchase option for Currency HeatwaveX. The answer is no, and this is something that would never be offered.It is inconsistent with the services that we offer. Currency HeatwaveX is not merely a simple software but multiple backend algorithms running at the same time putting a heavy load on our server and maintenance.

We would provide support services and continuous updates as well which is necessary for it to work seamlessly in real time environments and we also continuously update the software with various improvements and new features.

Therefore, our costs must be covered with continuous payments for our services.

You can send your emails to support@fxlabsplus.com for any query or suggestion.


Currency HeatwaveX Platform Price is just $19 per month for all product components: Daily Trade ideas, Strength meters, Market open/Close, Accelerator, High/Low data, Top Gainers/Losers, Volume, Volatility, Sentiment and Momentum Data.